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David's pick of the pix so far

The Yawning Lesson

Best pic
Dent Yawn

Sorrowfully, the late Dentarthurdent, one of the gentlest cats I have known.

He was a good yawner, but too sleepy in this summer afternoon to do a good one

Saddam Yawn 1

A total contrast to Dent, Oolon Colluphid, AKA Saddam, is usually friendly to me at least, but at other times deserves his nickname.

He's a good yawner when the mood takes him, which is not now.

Zarquon yawn

Zarquon in good form.

Good points for a classic ear-toucher, more for an unusual boss-eyed look, and for being unabashed at his two missing fangs.

Zarquon has put everything into this yawn

Tippicano yawn

Not enough effort going into this one and Tippicano is also showing off.

Could do better.

Pukkeenegak yawn

Pukkeenegak has a good one, with a partial ear yawn, eyes screwed up shut and no care at all about making my monitor overheat.

A typical opinionated tortie yawn.

Saddam yawn 2

Saddam with a better yawn in a more mellow mood.

Arrogant but still not up to standard.

Piktuk yawn

A happy yawn from a happy cat. Piktuk shows a lot of potential.

He needs to work on his ear yawn, but the eyes are well shut away.

Excellent paw action. Very promising yawner.

Bently yawn

"Having 3 wives is hard work."

Good ear action and a complete abandonment in this tonsil waving yawn from Amerrykoons Bently of Glaciercoons in Montana.

California Wine

Practicing a small, elegant yawn

Not too exaggerated, he doesn't want his Mum to think he's bored. Like Mums the world over, she might find him something to do!

Sue Kesby sent this pic and wrote: "Not mine, but I have watched him grow up into a very elegant specimen."

Butter, apparently, wouldn't melt in his mouth, but who unravelled the rope on the scratching post?

Finch yawn

An excellent yawn from a very special cat, Finch, who owns Mary and Mitch Stuart of Rumtumtugger in Somerset.

Finch is a seasoned traveller and has his own web page.

Lemony Snicket yawn

Also from Mary and Mitch Stuart of Rumtumtugger in Somerset, a corker of a yawn from Lemony Snicket.

Beautifully caught by Bob Fox.

Harvey yawn

Alison Lindsey's kitten Harvey having a yawn. He's nearly 6 months old and I think you'll agree that he has potential to be a champion yawner!


Viewy & friends

It's enough to make a cat laugh!

Afternoon masterclass in yawning technique at Maine Coon Cats de La Grange Jacob sent by Nancy Hoppenot-Perreault.

Clockwise from the top : Viewy, Silver Girl, Steno & Velouté de La Grange Jacob
ŕ l'ecole des filles.

This has to be my favourite photo so far - David

Vixen & Puff

Another from Nancy Hoppenot-Perreault.

Vixen and Votan (Puff)

Pommy yawn

Look, my teeth are coming on!

Deborah Davies sent a pic of one of her young red/silver Coons, Pommy, showing off his smile and growing gnashers.


Wanja yawn

Yasmin Trok wrote: "He is lazy, charming and very loving with the loudest and easiest purr I have ever heard. I have a great yawning picture of him I would like to share."

Wanja is a Russian Blue kitten showing an excellent yawn action. Eyes tight shut and ears well back - a great yawn.


Niuta yawn




Maimuna Nack wrote: "I like to thank you for the idea and for sharing by contributing two Siberian yawns, which my cats kindly gave me today."

"At this time of the year [Autumn] the bears prepare for a winters sleep in the Siberian's homeland and they still feel it in their bones as can be seen."

Siberians Niuta and her brother Arkadij practicing for the Winter to come.




Arkadij yawn


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