Keoka Maine Coons

Tusca's kittens born 19 April 06

Keoka Tuscarora's litter
by IC Sarafina Shosowi

Tusca's kittens at two weeks

Tusca with kittens

Tusca and kittens, all well fed

Domino tum

Domino showing his six spots

Paws wash

Paws gets a wash

Squeak sleeping

Squeak is smaller than her brothers but is a lively little girl

Four with Paws

Four snuggles up with Paws

Tusca's kittens at four and a half weeks

Now on the bed and everywhere

Domino on bed

Domino looking cheeky

Paws on bed

Paws stationary for a moment

Squeak on bed

Little Squeak

Four on bed

Four on the move

Domino jump

Domino pioneers the route off the bed

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