Keoka Maine Coons

Past Keoka Kittens

Keoka Tubatulabal and Keoka Tuscarora's last litters

All but Xipipopo have flown the nest to loving homes.

Topeak is a bit special and has been turning heads at shows


Mum of the first litter Tubatulabal and one of her kittens

Tula is a Black Silver Mackerel Tabby & White

As first mum, she liked to help Tusca with her kittens

Tula and kitten

Tusca and kitten Mum of the second litter Tuscarora and one of her kittens having a little comfort suckle

Tusca is a Black Silver Classic Tabby & White

Both mums would suckle any kitten that came past

Charlie "Charlie"

Royalcoon Agassou

Black Classic Tabby

is dad of both litters

His home page is

These kitten pix were taken when they were about 10 weeks old.

The first three of Tula's are slightly older but all the kittens lived together

Tula no 1 Tula's number one

A chunky Classic Tabby girl

Tula no 2 Tula's number two

A lively Silver Classic
Tabby girl and a bit cheeky

Tula no 3 Tula's number three

A big Tabby and White boy
Very friendly

The next five kittens are Tusca's
They were born smaller, but you wouldn't know that now

Tusca no 1 "Guess what I've just
been doing"

Tusca's number one.

A friendly Silver
Classic Tabby & White girl.

Tusca no 2 Tusca's number two.

Silver Classics are
slightly smaller so I
expected him to be a
medium sized MC.
I was wrong,
he is a biggie

Tusca no 3 Tusca's number three.

A large boisterous
Classic Tabby and White
with attitude :-)

Tusca no 4 Tusca's number four.

She is a little smaller
but the best for type and
we have kept her for breeding.
Full of beans

Tusca no 5 Tusca's number five.

Classic Tabby & White boy
Another big friendly boy
Who loves being shown and
now has his own fan club

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