Keoka Maine Coons Picture Gallery
Felis Britannica Adult Cat of the Year 2004
GCCF Best Semi-longhair Adult, Supreme Show 2004
and other awards
FIFe Grand International Champion and GCCF Grand Champion
Keoka Ktotonok
aka: Tockie; Tocky
MCO n 09 23 Male
Black (brown) Mackeral Tabby & White

He is a long and lean show cat om the tradition of Keoka Max Quordlepleen.
like Max, he is a big softie and knows how to seduce the judges.

GC Keoka Ktotonok
Nocky Supreme Tocky won Adult Cat of the Year 2004

Photograph © Alan Robinson LMPA

IC Keoka Ktotonok
Tocky has reached to Grand International Champion status in FIFe

He was awarded FB Adult Cat of the Year 2004 at the Gala Dinner held in conjunction with the Felis Britatannica Annual General Assembly 2005

Nocky GIC
Photograph © Alan Robinson LMPA

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