Keoka Maine Coons Picture Gallery
This is the memorial page for the late
International Champion
Keoka Firestorm
aka: Storm; Whajawantnow; The Hosepipe
MCO d 09 23 Male
Red Mackeral Tabby & White

Storm was very long and looking very adolescent in these pix,
but then filled out, becoming a spectacularly large cat.

He reached 114 cms paw to paw (45") which was his adult size,
and as long as any Maine Coon I have ever measured.

He was a typical friendly and demanding Keoka boy
with a bit of red extroversion added. He loved shows
and had a ready greeting and cuddle for everyone.

Storm was disgnosed with HCM during an initial study of over 60
Maine Coons conducted at the Royal Veterinary College, London.
Since then more cats have been added to the study,
and the results will be published in due course.


Firestorm being difficult
Firestorm 1
Storm wanted to play around rather than to pose for the camera.
Photograph © David Brinicombe

Is that better?
Firestorm 2
It would have been if you hadn't flicked your tail out of shot.
Photograph © David Brinicombe

Who is that?
Firestorm 3

Someone had crept into the room to see why Storm was getting all the attention.

Photograph © David Brinicombe

A little twirl
Firestorm 4

Fine, but we wanted you the other way around.

Photograph © David Brinicombe

Pose held for 2 seconds
Firestorm 5

We wanted Storm standing. He wanted to lie down. We didn't win.

Photograph © David Brinicombe

Firestorm mug shot
Firestorm 6

A Keoka flat nose; mouse chewing jaws; a firm chin;
and behind the eyes a bit of plotting going on.

Photograph © David Brinicombe


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