Keoka Maine Coons

Keoka Maine Coon Transfer List

Serai and Napezi
Neutered males born 3 July 02

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Serai & Napezi & Zee These two often play together and roam around outside together.


Serai stretching Serai having a good stretch on the patio.



Napezi striding While Napezi strides off across the car park.



Napezi, Zee & Dent And distubs Zee and Dent having a doze.




Serai, Napezi, Zee & Dent And they all wander off for a good think about what to do next.



Serai in greenhouse Later on, I went down the hill to the greenhouse to water the tomatoes.
I looked up and found Serai had followed me and found a place in the sun.



Serai and Napezi are a pair of lively brothers we thought we had found homes for who are named after First American Chiefs. Both homes we found were indoors only and these lads have got used to chasing around in acres of woodland.

Serai is a Red Silver Mackeral Tabby but his silvering is so pale the pattern doesn't show up. Serai is an unusually pale Cream Shaded with virtually no patterning. Both are lap cats indoors and Serai accompanies me in the garden when he's not exploring in the woods with Napezi.

Napezi is a little shy as we are very remote here and they don't meet many people they don't know, but he is the first to climb on my lap and purr and nuzzle me when I'm trying to watch TV.

The two lads seem to have a very efficient bush telegraph system which can report a can being opened in the kitchen to a range of 100 yards.


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