Keoka Maine Coons

Keoka Kittens

Keoka Rosa Rugosa's litter
by Ch. Keoka Pauhuska
born 30 June 02

Rosa as a kitten


1-2-3 sequence while setting up for photos
They have grown fast and are now much bigger and high speed
Red Silver Mac Tabby and White boy and his Tortie Tabby and White sister.
The Red Silver Mackeral Tabby and White boy
You've heard of a fat cat - this is what he looked like before he shaped up with some exercise
Closeup of the Tortie Tabby and White girl
Closeup of the Cream Shaded (and White?) boy
The Cream Shaded (and White?) boy in his tray to show how pale he is compared with the wood chip litter.
He is one of the very few true shaded Maine Coons
I can't tell if he is an "and White" as his legs are so pale

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