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Photographs copyright © 1997 David Brinicombe unless attributed

David and kitten
The kitten is also Semi-Longhaired

GIC Keoka Ktotonok

Felis Britannica Adult Cat of the Year 2004

GCCF supreme Show Best Semi-longhair Adult 2004

A great boy with a very sweet temperament


Max Winner


Cat of the Year 1998
European Champion
Keoka Max Quordlepleen


Photo: Alan Robinson

American import Aminakin

When she won "Best Opposite Sex".


Photo: Alan Robinson


Mina's granddaughter Masquerade

She was nominated for Best Semilonghaired Female at Worthing in May 2000
Some of her kittens can be seen on the kitten page

Fuzzy at six weeks

I called him Fuzzy as I often
couldn't get him in focus.

Sadly, Fuzzy died in 2000, but there
is an appreciation on his page.

Fuzzy at six weeks

Huge boy I C Firestorm

Sadly, Storm died from an embolism following
a diagnosis of HCM.
His page is a memorial to this spectcular cat.
Storm grew longer longer than Max and was the longest cat I have bred and equal to the longest I have measured.
He had a superbly friendly and extravert temperament and is much missed.


Milliways at about five months

Milli is expecting more kittens

Milli closeup

Meddy on chair
Meddy on Chairback

Meddy is a biggie. See full version.

Meddy doing his stretch.

This was the picture of Meddy that
gave me the idea of the paw to paw
measurement which can be used to
predict the likely adult size of kittens.

Meddy stretching

Meddy's litter
Meddy's litter

Meddy and his seven littermates
at about three months.
Sarah said: "Why don't you take one
of eight kittens in a row?" I said:
"Good idea. You get them in a row -
I'll take the photo." Three quarters
of an hour later we gave up, I took my
camera off the tripod and Meddy yawned.

Fuzzy at about a year old

Fuzzy still in his adolescent coat.
He looks cream rather than red,
but has been judged to be Red Shaded & White
His pattern is getting indistinct.

Fuzzy in Window

Perq & Lintilla
Perquisita and Lintilla

Perquisita, Britain's first "Chinchilla pattern" Maine Coon
She is an MCO ds 09 12 Red Shell (Tipped) and White
These are old pix, taken when she had her adolescent coat
She is now much paler, and is usually mistaken for a White like Lintilla

Perquisita and Betelgeuse

Both these cats are Red Maine Coons
Betel is a Red Silver Rexed Maine Coon
He is included to give a colour reference

Perq & Betel

Max on chair
Kitten Max on Meddy's chair

Then a six and a half month kitten,
Max is now the second longest cat
I know, the longest being Firestorm

Max with his kitten Show winnings

Max at the Maine Coon Specialty Show
having won everything he could

Max at Show

Meddy and Fuzzy Fuzzy and Meddy

Meddy loves kittens.

Aw Maw!

Three week old kitten wants her Mum.

Aw Maw!

Galactic Warrior Galactic Warrior.
Gally surveying his territory

After founding a new line of Whites in Britain
Gally is enjoying his retirement
with lots of cuddles.

Mug posing for chocolate box


TV addict

A Television addict

K M C Logo - Mop as a kitten

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