Keoka Maine Coons

Keoka Perquisita

Britain's first "Chinchilla Pattern" Maine Coon
born 28 August 98
Red Shell (Tipped) & White Maine Coon MCO ds 09 12
Sire: Keoka Ursine Edward MCO ds 09 11 Red Shaded & Wh
Dam: Adinnlo Keoka Silvershade MCO fs 09 22 Silver Tortie Tabby & Wh
These pix were taken when Perquisita still had her adolescent coat
She is now considerably paler and is usually mistaken for a White
Perquisita is registered as an "and White" as her paws looked white as a kitten, but there is no white on her head

Perquisita with Lintilla, a White Maine Coon
Note she has just a smudge of colour on her head
The colour on her back extends about half way down and from then on she is pure white
Now she has her adult coat, even less of her hair is coloured.

Perquisita with Betelgeuse, a Red Silver Tabby Rex Maine Coon
Betel is included to give a red reference
They were just good friends
Which is just as well as he is neutered
Betel is Aldebaran's brother


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