Keoka Maine Coons Picture Gallery
Ch Willowplace Aminakin of Keoka
aka: Mina
MCO ns 22 Female
Silver Classic Tabby
Mina after her first litter
Mina relaxing Mina is a very affectionate little girl with a good coat and pattern. She is the first of my cats which is "TICA" type and has produced two big kittens by Max.

She took her name from the Karamajong in Uganda after Sarah had made a film there. It means "loved one".

Photograph © David Brinicombe

Mina alert
Mina alert Another shot of Mina. She is beginning to get her coat back but the central heating has come on and she hasn't been in the cold enough to really start it growing.
Photograph © David Brinicombe

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Copyright © 1997 David Brinicombe