Keoka Maine Coons Picture Gallery
Gr Ch Adinnlo Meddybemps
aka: Ch E-By Gum; Meddy
MCO ns 09 23 Male
Black Silver Mackeral Tabby & White
Meddy on 60 cm (24 inch) chairback
Meddy on chair Grand Champion Adinnlo Meddybemps at about 18 months on the back of an armchair. The top of the chair measures 60 cms (two feet) across. Meddy stretches 107 cms (42 inches) paw to paw.
Photograph © David Brinicombe

Meddybemps doing his stretch.
Meddy stretching Meddy stretching 41 inches as a youngster. He now stretches a full 42 inches but is too interested in the process of photography to pose for me.
Photograph © David Brinicombe
That was a hot summer and he took to sprawling all over the place, often chin up. I sneaked this photo which isn't very good but all other attempts resulted in him sitting up to see what I was doing with the camera.

At the time I was trying to devise a system of measuring the size of kittens and cats as opposed to their weight which can be variable. Meddy's stretching gave me the idea of using the paw to paw measurement which proved easy to use and consistent. They must, however 'give' you the stretch themselves, and some adults are not so keen, but sooner or later, they usually oblige, especially when they are hot and sleepy.

The PTP measurement developed into a system of predicting the likely eventual size of kittens in their first weeks of age. This is explained in an article in Maine Coon International magazine Winter 1996/7

Meddy playing with Fuzzy as a kitten
Meddy and Fuzzy Meddy loves kittens even if they aren't his own and lets them chase him and then chases them back. He is an extremely gentle cat and always has a nuzzle and purr ready.
Photograph © David Brinicombe

Meddy and his littermates being uncooperative
Meddy's litter Meddy was the ringleader of this three month old mob. The sharp eyed and numerate will have discovered that there are only seven of the eight in this litter visible. One had disappeared behind the set, but this was a grabbed shot done while dismantling the setup.
Photograph © David Brinicombe

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