Keoka Maine Coons Picture Gallery
Cat of the Year 1998
European Champion
Keoka Max Quordlepleen
aka: Max; ShaddupMax
MCO n 09 23 Male
Black (brown) Mackeral Tabby & White

He is a long and lean machine at 112 cms paw to paw (44")
and is a worthy successor to his dad, Batman.
He is a great character and show performer whose party trick is to
steward himself before the Best of the Best judges.

EC Max,Cat of the Year 1998
Max COY Max was the
Cat Association
Points Trophy Winner 1998

This trophy is awarded on a points basis according to how many cats he beat in 1998 at various levels

He is now a European Champion, which is the highest level he can attain in Britain.

Photograph © Alan Robinson LMPA

Max Fish!
Max Fish! Fish !

I was on my third roll of film and Max was still giving me his "Where's the judge? I don't have to perform without a judge!" routine, when Sarah brought in a bribe bowl of fish.

One shot and one shot only.

Photograph © David Brinicombe

Max head
Max mug shot Max could think of a lot of more exciting things to do instead of posing for this photo. At the time of taking he is a scrawny adolescent but is very long and is shaping up well. His coat is short and still fluffy as he won't get his full adult coat till the winter.

He has had several litters now and was very proud of them, washing them when they stop hissing at him.

Photograph © David Brinicombe

Max, 6 1/2 months old, at the Maine Coon Specialty Show, Chelmsford 96
Max with wins He won everything he could and kept purring.
Since this photo, Max overtook his father, Batman,
in length. He is now a very lean 112 cm (44 inches)
and is beginning to fill out.
Photograph © David Brinicombe

Kitten Max on Meddy's chair
Max on chair Max Quordlepleen at six and a half months on the back of Meddy's armchair. The top of the chair measures 60 cms (two feet) across. Max stretched 103 cms (40 1/2 inches) at 6 1/2 months and is now an amazing 112 cm (44 inches) paw to paw.
Photograph © David Brinicombe

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