Keoka Maine Coons Picture Gallery
Sunregals Galactic Warrior
aka: Gally
MCO w 62 Male
White yellow eyed
Galactic Warrior taking it easy
Galactic Warrior Gally takes an interest in everything around him. He has been retired and has joined us in the house, in the bedroom no less, but in this photo he was king of his garden stud house home.

Gally was very "institutionalised" when I got him and is not good at meeting people, but makes up for this with us by being intensely cuddly.

Photograph © David Brinicombe

He has good boning, a nice muzzle and long whiskers all of which he passed on to his kittens. He is almost certainly a blue smoke under the white. there are a number of his progeny carrying on his good work and his grandson, Keoka Zarquon, is one of our favourites who goes up to visitors for a cuddle.

His son, Keoka Koonshadow, is a spectacular black smoke, and his sister Keoka Trillian, a white, has produced a continuing White line. She had many lovely kittens and was used in an advertisement by a major food manufacturer with a white kitten.

Gally suffers from a problem common with White Maines - a heavy coat which knots up if not groomed when moulting, but I am pleased to say that I sorted this out with his kittens, particularly the long loose haired Jessica, Zarquon's late mum. I am selecting strongly for good Maine "shagpile" coats.

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Copyright © 1997 David Brinicombe